here’s a thought

There should be a reality show.


People with chronic pain that is “too hard” or “unspecified” or “weird” can go on, and if the doctors at a carefully selected, high-profile hospital (or a stable of specialists, w/e) cannot diagnose them or improve their QOL, the studio pays for lifetime care and ensures access to pain meds and mobility aids, etc. including access to these same doctors so there is continuity of care.

People would also have access to non-judgmental mental health support, where “it’s just conversion” is a banned phrase.

In exchange, people would have to grant access to their medical records for, say, 2 years prior to their show (2 years being the period for Centrelink use to decide that an illness is permanent), allow testing by the studio’s doctors (this would prevent people just trying to get $$), and agree to be filmed, though their identity could and should be protected.

Maybe then, people wouldn’t be left without access to treatment or medication or be forced into treatment they don’t want, tapered against their will, or otherwise harmed.


(Maybe then doctors would just say ‘if you want that apply for the show’ and cut people off anyway, but this is meant to be optimistic.)


Quick note…

To the pharmacist at the first pharmacy I went to:

A hemiplegic migraine is one of the many definitions of ‘not okay’.


To the pharmacist at the second pharmacy I went to:

Yelling across the store at me does not mean I can understand you.


To the entire staff at the pharmacy the second one sent me to:

Me limping does not mean you need to stop me in the middle of the store to take the script. The man already in the store who says it does because he tried to attack me in the carpark because of it? Does not tell you what I need. If I need something, I will find a way to ask for it, and not asking? Means I don’t need it, especially when it draws attention to me through your actions disclosing my disability to everyone in the entire store.


And because I had to go to three pharmacies, I ran out of spoons and petrol and have no food. Good job, government. Good job. /sarcasm.