SMR… again

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So last week I walked out of the doctor, secure in the knowledge that I had a backup plan.


Well, my backup plan just went kaput.

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Let me tell you about today

CN: doctors, chronic pain, codeine drama, mental health, discrimination


Today is a sunny 40 degrees, give or take a few due to ambient heat, concrete jungleitis, cloud cover, and the fact that it’s the fourth day in a row of this. This means, for me, if I go outside, unless I put myself through more agony by not wearing my wrist bandages, ankle bandages, or corset, I am very hot. I cannot see without sunglasses, and if I take them off, I instantly feel like my eyes are being dug out with an icecream scoop because light-sensitivity does that, and today I woke up with my back still feeling split in two. I know, when I get home, I’ll have a few hours of uselessness as the band pain settles in, and I won’t be able to eat or drink without throwing it up. This summer, chest pain in anything over 30C set in as well.

This means that today, it was not easy to get to the doctor. It was painful, and difficult, and on top of that, I was hoping the last appointment was a brainfart and things would Get Done this time.

Well, thank goodness I started seeing another doctor, because that last thing? I was clearly wrong about that.


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Big Pharma… we need a word

CN: doctors, medication

So I went to the other doctor today. This one is nicer, but really into forced tapering. Still no resolution or clear path forward. Bah.


Then I went to the chemist to fill my script for Nurofen Plus. They only had one. And I found out that I wasn’t seeing things or making up that it’s not actually very available right now, but now I know why.


The reason they only had one of my two boxes (of the two and a half I need per week in order to not be in as much pain), is that they’re making the new batch more expensive. The chemist said nearly twice as expensive. I’m already paying $50 a week and going without nice things like food I didn’t make and paying for electricity.


I doubt this is a coincidence, and of course, since it was previously OTC, it isn’t subsidised in any way, so that price hike is all on me. And while I might be able to afford it if I give up, say, more food, other people simply won’t. I don’t get pharmaceutical allowance from Centrelink (I’m not sure why, but I’m fairly sure asking for it will only get me in trouble, payment-wise and pain-wise), so it’s not something I can expect to be covered somewhere else.


This is going to see even more people like me not be able to manage. And there are a lot of us, and we can’t make ourselves heard. And because most of the people like me are like me in that they have pain that can’t/hasn’t been diagnosed, that is ignored or simply doesn’t get affected by anything else, I would suspect that it’s something that is disproportionately affecting people with disability – not that anyone in Canberra would care.


I have to go back to the chemist tomorrow, so that’s an extra trip and no hope of enough rest to dull the pain, but hopefully I will find out more. If they’re also reformulating it to justify the expense, I may be SOL.



This is what i have to put up with…

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Right, well. Reminder! If you take codeine OTC and you’re reading this from Australia, tomorrow is your last day to get some. You probably will have to shop around, though, so if you’re like me and that would be much better done with assistance, plan for it. Why? Because in anticipation of the schedule change, many pharmacies have run out of Nurofen Plus and Panadeine.

As you know, I’m of the opinion that this is the least great idea ever had by the government and the TGA, since as I said, it takes away people’s ability to manage their own pain and forces more work onto doctors while they’re actively trying to get rid of it (and being underpaid, because of Medicare freezes, naturally).


There’s another reason for that than the ones I’ve already discussed in previous posts.


This one is called bias, or, as I prefer to call it, the twofold societal assumption that everyone who needs pain medication is a drug addict and that pain medication is never necessary for quality of life.

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Tiny hint…

Person loading groceries into car from trolley? Wearing headphones? Ignoring you?

They’re ignoring you because they do not wish to speak with you.

That does not mean you grab their arm.



The System Is Breaking Down

CN: medical stuff, medication, discrimination/disability


There’s this big campaign at the moment – see the right medical professional for your issue! If it’s not an emergency, don’t go to the ER! You know, that sort of thing. So now, if you have a cold and need a day off work, you can pay around $25 at the chemist for a medical certificate (because if you cannot produce a medical certificate your employer can kick you to unpaid leave or fire you, depending on your agreement, and good luck fighting it at FWC, seriously) instead of going to the doctor, because the doctors are too busy. So in all this, one would expect that with chemists cribbing more power and the ERs foisting things like 10/10 abdominal pain off onto doctors (true story), and nurses campaigning for  the legal ability to perform minor surgeries, that chemists would have the knowledge to back up their newfound powers right?

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